LF Maggie's for flak or zane

Have multiple flak and amara trades let me know what your needing

I have the Rakk attack 100 Maggie as well as 100 ase maggie

What are you looking for good sir

What all do you have for flak?

I have a kinds of stuff. I just accidentally deleted my weapon list I had. You looking for more weapons class mods?

Weapons with 100 Ase or god roll class mods

I have that. Do you have rakk pack class mod for flak

Alright I do have a rakk pack with jackobs crit and weapon damage on it and @derekvann I’ll have to go see what I have I’m currently at work

Ok let me know when you wanna trade. What’s your PSN. Mine is Mattgamer87

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Psn:FallenDark200 I can send it in you in the morning once I’m off work. I can added you from my phone

Got a maggie with while barrier is active increased crit and acc

Now I think I’m gonna try and get an emp carder for zane anyone know if it’s good on him

the amp carder is good on zane especially his kill skills in regards to speed like violent momentum and violent speed. I have an emp crader anointed but for all characters willing to trade if interested.

You dont have one for zane? I’m trying to get a build going for zane before I hit level fifty with him

Most of the anointed weapons I have are for all characters (just my luck) but I do have a lyuda that is anointed for zane

Hmm I’m not a huge fan of the snipers in this game as I was bl2. Do you have any good rolls for seein dead for zane? Or any snowdrift otto idols?

I have nine seein dead cms and in terms of Otto idols I have an elemental projector Otto idol

Any good rolls on those seein deads?

I don’t exactly know which stats you’re looking to boost but of the ones I have that I feel are the best is one where it adds +3 to donnybrook and +2 to playing dirty and gives +18% weapon critical damage and +50% Jakobs weapon accuracy and +45% atlas weapon critical damage

The second one has +2 to donnybrook and playing dirty and +1 to violent violence but gives +1487 max health +25% vladof weapon reload speed and +50% melee damage