LF Magic Missile and Sherifs Badge Swapping Legendarys and Pearls


Im currently finishing my Gunzerker Pistol Build and am missing a few items what I need are:

I need these Items level 61+

Magic Missile X4
and Sheriffs Badge

In return I will give you 2 items from the list below per item I get from what I need (All these weapons are level 61)

Legendary Guns

Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
Nasty Ogre
Rightsizing Bitch - Shock
Vengeful Infinity - Fire
Hefty Baby Maker - Slag
Stopping Emperor - Corrosive
Gentle Deliverance - Slag
Sledges Shotgun - Slag
Practicable Conference Call - Corrosive
Blast Proof Fabled Tortoise

Pearlescent Guns

Attack Bearcat - Fire
Potent Wanderlust - Corrosive
Nassty Sawbar
Skookum Godfinger
Vengeful Stalker - Corrosive
Boss Bekah

My PSN Is: XvXRainbowzZ3D
Add me and I will invite you to a game.


Do you have a low lvl Gunzerker mod, rough rider or grog? If so I can help out.

No I don’t sorry