LF: Mainly just an elemental anointed Stop-Gap. H: (details in thread)

Anoints or COM/artifact bonuses are in parentheses, and I try to list element first. Compiled this list on my phone so it’s not as nice and neat as I wanted…

Looking for:
•Stop-Gap (+50% radiation OR corrosive OR cryo damage ASE)
•Phasezerker, +5 Clarity ideally or at least no bonus in Conflux, and +pistol or weapon damage/Jakobs crit damage/action skill cooldown

Notable items I have for trade:

Amara anointed items
•Fire Flakker (+250% Phasecast)
•Deep Dive Face-puncher (+250% Phasecast)
•Optimized Carrier (+300% Phaseslam)
•Fire/Cryo Spooling x2 Projectile Recursion (terror skulls on grasp)
•Quickdraw Monocle (Phasecast)
•Fire Faisor (Phasecast)
•Speedloadn’ Unforgiven (Phaseslam)
•Shock/Rad Westergun (Phaseslam)
•Fire Lasersploder (Phaseslam)
•Big Pharma Stop-Gap (Phaseslam 200% melee)

Zane anointed items
•Night Hawkin (SNTNL bonus cryo)
•Bangarang (SNTNL bonus cryo)
•Cryo Conference Call (Barrier accuracy/crit)
•Corrosive Cutsman (Barrier accuracy/crit)
•Hellwalker (bonus damage on Clone swap)
•Cost-Effective Optimized Q-System (terror SNTNL lifesteal)
•Redundant Face-puncher Barrier accuracy/crit)
•Band of Sitorak (recharge on Barrier deploy)

Fl4k anoined items
•Shock Rowan’s Call (Rakk debuff)
•Maggie (Attack Command lifesteal)
•Sawbar (Gamma Burst rad damage)
•Rad Hyperfocus XZ41 (Rakk debuff)
•Quickdraw Monocle (Attack Command lifesteal)
•Transformer (Attack Command move speed)

Moze anointed items
•Corrosive Cutsman (infinite ammo exiting IB)
•Hellwalker (terror cryo nova)
•Transformer (+75% health/shields exiting IB)

General - Guns
•AAA (+50% damage on low health enemies)
•Alchemist (+damage/reload on kill)
•Cryo Bearcat (ase self terror)
•Butcher (airborne damage)
•Butcher (20% bonus rad ase)
•Overencumbered Standardized Carrier (airborne damage)
•Shock Crossroad (+damage/reload on kill)
•Corrosive Crossroad (+damage/reload on kill)
•Radiation Crossroad (bonus radiation ase)
•Fire Cutsman (terror bonus cryo)
•Shock x6 Dictator (bonus cryo ase)
•Damned (bonus cryo ase)
•Dictator (bonus rad ase)
•Devils Foursum (ase bonus cryo)
•Hellwalker (ase 125% damage against badasses and up)
•Jericho (bonus shock ase)
•x2 Kill-o-the-Wisp (+crit ase)
•Lasersploder (damage/reload on kill)
•Fire x2 Stuffed Shredded Lump (bonus cryo ase)
•Maggie (+50% damage against low health)
•Mind-Killer (bonus shock ase)
•Night Hawkin (bonus rad ase)
•True Monocle (bonus rad ase)
•Rad x2 Quickie (ase splash damage, blue rarity)
•Sickle (ase lifesteal)
•Corrosive SkekSil (ase 125% damage against badasses and up)
•Fire/Corrosive Trevonator (bonus cryo ase)
•Fire Try-Bolt (terror damage/fire rate)
•Wagon Wheel (bonus radiation ase)

•Nova-Berner (ase movement speed)
•Front Loader (terror bullet reflection)
•Big Boom Blaster (ase self terror)
•Front Loader (ase self terror)
•Adrenaline Rough Rider
•Re-Router (ase self-terror)

Grenade Mods
•Hyperion Storm Front (regen 1 grenade)
•Tediore Storm Front (regen 1 grenade)
•Firestorm (regen 1 grenade)
•Red Queen (terror health regen)
•Red Queen (bonus cryo ase)
•Cloning Ghast Call
•Transfusion Alley Oop Tracker (bonus rad ase)
•Transfusion Recurring Tracker (bonus rad ase)

•Spiritual Driver (not much going for it except +3 Mindfulness)

•Knife Drain White Elephant (Luck, Cryo efficiency, Ignite chance)
•Elemental Projector Deathless (Corrosive resist, AoE damage, Cryo efficiency)
•Last Stand Splatter Gun (Mag size, XP, Corrosive damage)

(Updated 12/20)

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If you can hold on to the Digi-swap Hellwalker, I have your 100% ASE Maggie. But I won’t be on till later this evening.

PSN: DaktariZHN

I can trade your Maggie extra rakk charge for my Maggie 100 damage ASE. My psn is gimn123

Cool, I’m down to trade for both of those. I’m currently at work and won’t be home until close to midnight Eastern time (around 6 hours from now), so trading in person may not work for you. We could use the mail system if it works for anyone. Just let me know!

I have the 100% ase maggie, a shock hex with 50% cryo, and a phasezerker with weapon dmg, assault rifle dmg, and action skill cooldown, and a last stand otto idol with action skill cooldown. Really interested in your phaseslam redundant brainstormer, phaseslam carrier, phasecast facepuncher, your x2 roisen’s thorns with bonus shock ase and your x2 fire lump. Also have that godroll bloodletter we talked about earlier. PSN: TheNimbusKid

Just got home not too long ago, friend requests sent and received!

@TheNimbusKid Those are some intriguing offers, I’m definitely interested in several of those. I’ll message you on PSN and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Cool, i’m up now so we can get these trades goin, i’ll message you on psn.

@TheNimbusKid Got your stuff today, thank you! Enjoy your new gear!

Also bumping, list has changed a bit and topic title updated

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