LF Major Kong M10 lvl 60

I would like any of these variants in any elements
-urad (HP below 50 +150% rad damage)
-ASE 200% Splash Damage
-ASA 200% Weapon Damage
-ASE 100% Any element

I don’t have too much to give. I just recently picked back up on the game. But if there’s anything you want I will definitely try to farm for it and give it to you if I get what you’re looking for

I have a handful of Major kongs in my bank

Really trying to get an 8/10 round Clairvoyance with SNTNL

Well. It been a little while since I’ve been on so I don’t have any of levels M10 gear. But I wouldn’t mind farming for whatever you want and I could just mail it over to you whenever I get the weapon you would like

Send me a list of whatever you want and I will farm what I can

Its mainly just the SNTNL clairvoyance with either an 8 or 10 round mag, I’m also searching for the following with SNTNL:
Contained blast
Beacon with shock as primary element
Flipper with shock as one of its elements

Okay. Will do, I’ll get as much of this as I can. If I get it I will mail it over to you

Thanks, and which major kong would you like me to send in return?

ASE 200% weapons damage?

And whatever elements, if you only want to send one element then I’ll take an explosive one