LF maliwan SMG zane class mods level 50-53

looking for an Identical mod like in this picture,*
except the bottom line HAS to be for for maliwan weapon critical damage.
have tons of stuff to trade from 50-53.
all 3 bottom attributes Must be the same.
thanks,and fingers crossed someone out there has it.

ps,i still have Zane god mods for the assault rifles,smg-s and snipers and pistols/jacobs.
i still need a Heavy weapons god mods for zane.

I think i have it

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Add me syn_theeo

just sent it,looks like you are already friends with 2 of my friends as well. :slight_smile:

everyone seems to have the Hyperion mod pictured above.
i am looking for the Maliwan version of this mod.
same lower 3 stats just says maliwan instead of hyperion.

again,i have tons of stuff to trade or whatev.
pleas ehelp me finish this build.
EvilAg3nttttman / psn.