LF Maliwan Takedown Class Mods Zane & Moze

I’m looking for the Maliwan Takedown Zane and Moze class mods. I don’t really have anything from the maliwan DLC to trade, but I do have a lot of stuff from Moxxi’s heist (including all the class mods) like the Annexed (x2) ION cannon. Also, a lot of other stuff all anointed.



I have raging bear class mod, do you have craps with anoints?

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Yeah, I have a few.

I have god roll Zane and Moze mods. And the weapons/gear you need with the right anoints. What do you have for trade? Any rare guns with 100% damage anoint? I prefer SMG’s, Kybs if splash, boomer, ripper, giants.

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Any splash damage anoints?

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Yeah, I have a shock with 125% splash damage and another that I think is just explosive damage with 100% damage on ASE.

Also, a 100% rakk attack one.

I don’t really have anything from the maliwan dlc but I have a few good items from moxxi’s dlc. I have a cutsman with 100% on ASE. Not really sure how many SMG’s I have with that anointment though.

I would be intetested in your shock one if you’re down for a trade

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I added you. Just waiting to send via mail

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I have a Decisive cheap tips with 100% on ASE and a Mocking ION Laser SMG with 75% status effect damage and chance.