LF many gear peices

Looking for LVL 50:
[AO SNTL] Cryo Lucian (Rifle)
Molten The Director (Rifle)
Corr & Shock Butcher (Shotgun)
[AS Weapon damage] Monicle (Sniper)
Trick Unforgiven (Pistol)
[AS Weapon damage] Freeman (Rocket)
MIRV-Tacular Hex (Grenade)
It’s Piss (Grenade)
Phasezerker [Weapon Damage] (Class Mod)
Executor [Assault Damage] (Class Mod)
Ice-Breaker Victory Rush [Cryo Damage] (Artifact)
Elemental Projection [Sniper damage] (Artifact)
[A] = Anointed [AS] = Anointed Siren
[AO] Anointed Operator
I know that’s a fair bit, just let me know what you need and I hope I can help my fellow Vault Hunters in return.

I have some of these. Do you by chance have a rope a dope breaker for amara and a annoited facepuncher?

I think I have a kind of Rope a Dope Breaker but I dont have an anointed Face Puncher

can I see the rope a dope and see if its the one I need?

I will update the list, whenever I get one of the pieces