Lf mark man's crossbow 250 phasecast

Looking for a few 250 phasecast rare spawn weapons and infinity pistols. Phebert, 9 volt, dp redline as well. Have gear for all characters to trade


Hey, can’t help with the crossbow but I got a cryo DP Redline with 100% ASE on my bank. I’ll add ya in 2 hours to send it to you

Awesome, thanks. What are you looking for?

160% kyb’s for moze, Juliet’s Dazzle with same anoint, or 125% on Bosses/Badasses/Uniques Ion Cannons. If you don’t have that dw, I’ll send the Redline anyway ! Might have a cryo Infinity with 100% on ASE, but not sure though. If I have it I’ll send it with the Redline :smiley:

I have the kybs for moze, along with a x2 cannon with splash anoint.

Adding u right now !