Lf max level guns. Honestly any 65+ ogre

I leveled up too quickly and my guns just aren’t cutting it. Tried to make Knox run and keep getting ■■■■■. Anyone can help? My psn is aboudreaux91

I’m on PC, but getting into the armory should be easy enough with a few junk white guns of proper level (which you nab off the nearest dead lanceman), just make sure to get a few different ammo types across them so you don’t run out of ammo mid fight (use ammo vendor to top-off before starting the fight too) and make sure you kill the medics ASAP when they spawn (usually also a good idea to kill the devastators since they can cause problems if you’re busy trying to chip away at knoxx).

I can beat Knox pretty easily now haha. Still no ogre though it’s getting frustrating

Ogre’s are one of the rarer legendaries in my experience, and finding one with good parts is even harder (though I have a few, but I play on PC). You might wanna try taking out Ajax each time you do a Farmory run, since he’s not far from the quickest path to the Farmory and his unique Machine Gun has a chance to drop with the Ogre accessory, making what is known as an Ajax Ogre.

I’m off tomorrow and idc how many times I have to kill him… I’m getting that ogre haha

Good luck man - he’s never dropped it for me, ever.

75 kills… Nothing

YEEAAHHHHH GOT IT!!! 15 kills later 347 damage 91.3 acc 6.9 fire rate +3 mag size +70% damage and +60% recoil reduction. So pumped

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^ Nice, and congrats, now for the harder challenge: getting one with a 12.5 fire rate :smiley:

Haha yeah about that… I doubt that will ever happen. The 12.5 would be nice but I got the hvy version. It’ll do just fine haha

90 kills is why I never got one, clearly. I’d have given up after about ten goes, especially as it takes so long to reload and get back there on PS3. Sometimes BL1 can be oh so cruel.

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I have a 12.5 one i can give to you my friend has plenty more.

What is your psn?