LF Mayhem 10 50/150 Monarch + items for trade

Hi all VH, I am looking for 50/150 weapons mainly Monarch (Corro/Shock/Incendiary) Mayhem 10. Gamer tag: QuietAsianGamer
Here are my items to trade with:


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I have a non elemental monarch with 50/150, opq 9K x2 50/150 and cryo,corrosive ,radiation and fire sandhawks with 50/150. Let me know if any of those are good for you

Hey mate, Corro Sandhawk 50/150 would be good. Thanks

Sure no problem buddy, I’ll jump on soon and get it over.
can I get the shock monarch 200asa if that’s cool with you :slight_smile:

Edit: I have trade thread on here the title is mayhem 10 weapon trades updated daily

Sure mate. Added you on Xbox

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Sent buddy have a great day

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