LF Mayhem 10 Cryo SNTNL Lobs

Can anyone help me out with some Cryo SNTNL lobs? Lf all elements.

PSN is dave_jitsu

Do you have new weapons or frozen snowshoe or frozen heart with anoint trigger break shield on action skill?

Have M10 Lobs

Cryo with sntl 100
Fire with sntl cryo
Shock with sntl cryo
Rad with sntl cryo

What do you have to trade

To trade I have:

a yellowcake w fire rate sliding anoint

Iceburger 200% weapon damage during AS

Unseen threat 100% damage ASE

Recursion with 130%damage on digi clone swap

Hellshock trigger nova during action skill

Hellshock 150% rad damage when under 50% health

Needle gun 200% weapon damage during AS x 2

Can give you a STNL shock lob for the unseen threat?

which ones do you want