LF Mayhem 10 weapons

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for some weapons LVL60 / Mayhem 10

-OPQ 9200X2 100% ASE (Mayhem 10)
-Light Show corro/fire/rad 100% dmg next two mag (Mayhem 10)
-Reflux x7 consecutive hit / 100% dmg next two mag / 50/150
-Monarch elec/rad/corro consecutiv hits

For trade i have all in this link

I have a x25 stagecoach with consecutive hits and x8 corrosive monarch with consecutive hits.

Edit, I’d like the blanc 50/150 and the 50/150 Robins call

Oh great, man

What do you want ? x)

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Items sent x)

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Just trying to find the stagecoach