Lf mayhem 10 Whispering Ice

Any ASE or moze anoint.

I have several stopgaps, cut purse launch pads and a few SNTNL cryo guns

Gt: QuietXMarko

I have a whispering ice with 25% on grenade throw mayhem 10

I really like whispering ice on Moze, I used a level 40 one till level 57 (no mayhem mode though). Just throw em around, keep sprinting, see yourself healing and enemies going all over the place.

Thank you for replying, is there anything you want for trade? Let me know and I’ll see what I have :wink:

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I want to use it on moze as well for a cryo/snowshoe/facepuncher setup. Need a lot of gear still but it should come together nicely :slightly_smiling_face:

Got any good lightshows, takedown stuff,sandhawks or any good green monsters?

Sadly I do not have much of what you listed, I have:

Cryo Lightspeed ase fire

No element Lightspeed ase shock

I have two Version 0.m shields, one ase shock, the other ase corrosive

Snowshoe 75% shields iron bear

Rad/Corrosive Kyb’s worth x2 160% splash iron

Rad/Corrosive Kyb’s worth x3 50 /150 radiation

Fire/Corrosive Kyb’s worth x2 50 /150 radiation

Cryo Redistributor ase 2 mag cryo

Cryo Redistributor consecutive hits

Shock Redistributor Iron bear 125% fire next 2 mags

Lots of good stuff there, can I get the consecutive hits redistributior if cool with you buddy. Whats your gamertag?

Nm I see it lol

You can indeed good friend, I’m willing to give you more than just one. Up to you :wink:

My Gt is QuietXMarko, I’ll send the redistributor now👍

It’s all good dude. Will send the whispering ice now :blush::+1:

Thanks for your help :wink: :muscle: if I come across good light shows and other things you need, I’ll let you know!

Thank you and thank you for the trade. :grin: I also have a ongoing tradelist on here,its called mayhem 10 level 60 tradelist update yesterday I believe with smileys if interested. Have a great day :yum:

I’ll go have a look :+1: you have a great day too :pray:

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