LF meele amara items/ Basic items


Psycho stabber with 300v90 with 340% meele dmg
Brawler ward with 300% meele dmg
Knife drain static charge with meele dmg/AOE/ASC
Knife drain White elephant with stats above
Fish slap with OGT

Other items
Critical thug x2 with ASE splash
Nukem 300V90
King and queens call all elemtns with CH
Sandhawk u-rad Full auto all elements

I have tons of items and good class mods to offer. a long with relics

Got one of these with a double melee stat and AOE if you are interested

That sounds like something that drops from heaven.

To quote White Men Can’t Jump, “The sun even shines on a dog’s ass some times” (or at least something along those lines).

I got it in a trade a little bit ago and don’t use it, so happy to pass it on

Looooool. That sounds legit bro

deathshot1234 is my psn is their anything you need?

It is a feasible roll, but whether it is legit or not , I have no clue.

I think you may already be on my list. Send it your way in a moment. May have a brawler ward for you too.

Only thing I am really after these days is a Clairvoyance with N2m Corrosive

Yea idm if its legit or not lmao i aint got no issues lmao. I thikn i do have you added.

that clairvoyance however q.q

Haha, I know, weird ask. Last piece of gear for an all clairvoyance Zane I am working on

Sent you that knife drain

thank you so much bro this is gonna really help

Not a prob! Enjoy!

I got a brawler ward if you are interested :slight_smile:

Got the Psycho Stabber and brawler ward with ass if you’re still interested. Psn : quasar_fan.