LF melee Amara gear

Seeking (in order of priority):

Brawler Ward with + melee damage after Phaseslam anointment

Psycho stabber with + melee damage after slam anointment

Breaker COM with Find Your Center and + melee damage.

Fastballs: Fire, shock, rad.

Laser-Sploders: Rad, cryo, acid.

Trevonator: Fire and rad/cryo.


multiple anointed flakkers (self-apply terror after action skill; + rad Dmg after Gamma Burst; + melee Dmg after phaseslam).

Caustic Coast Loaded Dice.

Mind Melt Commander Planetoid.

Anointed The Duc (while terrified gain crit Dmg; + melee damage after phaseslam).


Anointed Storm (Dmg after exit IB).

Shock/rad Trevonator

Stalker (x2) (one is anointed: Dmg reduction while terrified).

Hyperfocus XZ41

Phasezerker COM (21% Jakob’s reload, 8% Maliwan Dmg, 18% shock resist).

Cosmic Stalker COM (20% Rad resist, 15% Vladof FR, 31% Shotgun Dmg)


Monocle (Anointed: on ASE, +FR and +Reload Speed)

Rowan’s Call (shock); Anointed: on ASE +Crit Dmg; OR Anointed: +Crit Dmg while affected by terror.

Feel free to ask about other desired gear, but I do not promise that it will be available if I even have it.

Further details on any items listed above are available on request. Please include your GT in any reply.

Wow, I definitely want that. What are you looking for from me?

the anointed stormfront

Sorry, it’s a Storm - the sniper rifle, not the grenade.

Do you have any good elemental projector / knife drain relicts? Im also playing siren.

I have a projector cosmic crater. Bonus stats are shock resist, melee damage, and irradiate chance.

Bump, and also updating OP momentarily.

Got any other gamma burst gear?

Nope, I don’t play Fl4k, so that GB-anointed Flakker was a real fluke of drop.

Update: Adding some additional wants beyond Amara gear and a couple new finds.