LF Melee damage White Elephant

As the title says. Here’s what I have to trade:

Trick Unforgiven w/ +250% weapon damage after Phasecast
Searing Trained Hellfire
Expert Kill o’ the Wisp w/ SNTL lifesteal
Casual Flakker w/ Phasegrasp terror skull annoint

Punishing Vestigal Dragon com w/ +5 grenades, +31% AR dam, +50% Tediore acc
Imbued Tinderbox Elementalist com w/ +31% shotty dam, +10 COV dam, +15% Hyperion firerate
Blended Carpet Bomb Elementalist com w/ +10 % Vladof dam, +10% Hyperion dam, +20% cryo resist
Threaded Carpet Bombing Elementalist w/ +28% splash dam, +25% Dahl reload, +31% pistol dam

Flesh Melter White Elephant
Toxic Revenger Pull Out Method

Frozen Heart shield w/ Phasecast novas annoint
Riposte Impaler shield w/ Terror ammo regen annoint

I have a non annointed brawler ward if interested.

I’ve never even seen one so sure what would you like for it?

The rad handsome jackhammer. What’s your GT?
Mine is DauntlessCP. I’ll send via social mail


I’ll send it as soon as I finish eating dinner 20 minutes or so!

Np, thank you

Pleasure doin’ business with you.

Need your gamertag please so I can send

Sent and received. Thank you

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Got the shield as well, helps ye olde Facepuncher quite a bit!

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One last try…