LF Melee Fl4k stuff lvl 65

I am still looking for good melee Fl4k stuff if anyone could help…
I just finished leveling him and he’s not good atm. I am dying alot loll.

Facepuncher 300/90
knife drain white elephant with cd
stinger shield with ase activate shield ability
DLC 4 Fl4k class mod with CD

ect …

Thanks alot for the help guys can’t wait to try this build soon :slight_smile:

I have a good Fish slap lvl57 with grenade dmg annointed if you guys need.

Is your fish slap on grenade thrown anoint? I have Redundant Facepuncher 90/300 anoint.

on action skill deal 150% grenade dmg.

Damn, was hoping you had the other as that anoint does nothing.

Oh sorry mate If i find one I could give you