LF MH10 60 FL4K gears

I only play Fl4k with three shot fade away build mostly. LF weapons like Monarch x8 (Fire/shock) With CH 1%, sandhawk (full auto, elemental) with good anointment, wedding invitation, Dakota with CH 1%, Robin x18 with CH 1% or any other good gears for Fl4k.
Not looking for 50/150 gears at the moment.

I got some good lvl 57/60 gears below to trade with:

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I have : corrosive monarch x8 consecutive hits, x12 Robins call consecutive hits and stop gap on action skill start.

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If those are good for you I’d like the smog, the 200asa monarch and the consecutive hits licence, sound good?

I have a Mind Melt Deathless with mag size, action skill cooldown and cryo resistance
Also have a Wedding Invitation, ASE +100 weap dam

Would like the Pearl w mag and fire rate and the Smog if you have another

GT conch8


No thank you. Do you have Dakota x7 or better with consecutive hit? I just got stop gap from last night farming.

Thanks I will take the Wedding invitation. Can I trade it with smog?

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been looking for the Pearl w mag size for a bit. No problem though if you need to keep it.
I will send the Wedding shortly for the Smog. Thanks, po,


Thanks mate also sent.

Nice trade, take care and stay safe

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Will send you the pearl. You can repay me later if you have something that I want. Cheers

I have two items that might help you.
Transformer ASE 50% corrosive
Mitosis Hunter seeker ASE 50% incendiary
In return #1 I would like the Monarch x8 lvl 60 ASA 200% dam
If you want both, then #2 would be the pearl with Mag size and Fire rate. Thanks let me know. GT = Tom dot66

How about Monarch for your hunter seeker?

Sure sounds good. I can’t get on to play until tomorrow night but then I will send the hunter seeker. GT = Tom dot66 Happy gaming.

Thank you, po, will definitely repay you, cool that

Gt conch8

No worries. Sent.

Sent. Enjoy

Gear sent.