LF MH10 Level 60 Recursion

Did anyone get one of these and willing to trade? I prefer corrosive with shock or fire. ASE elemental or radiation damage.

The only one I have is CH, corrosive/rad. If you want it I will send.

GT is conch8


Naw. Thanks though. Consecutive Hits won’t work with my build.

Chuckling, just got another one, Moze +160 splash ASE… pretty sure that won’t work for you either, sorry, man, I am weak. :cold_face:

All good man. I’ll actually take the CH one if you still offering.

Let me know what you are looking for in return.

Sent the CH Recursion. You don’t need to send anything but if you have any decent class mods .
Cheers and stay safe.

I have a x1 recursion radiation/cryo ase 25% critical damage