LF MH10: Yellowcake, O.P.Q, The lob, etc. (Any anoints) - New Player

Hello all,

I hope there is some generous guy/girl out there who can help me out. I’m in MH5 now and have looted a Yellowcake and OPQ there with decent anoints. But it’s far too weak for MH10. Farming in MH5 feels bad, because it won’t last for MH10.
I hope someone can give me a few of this OP weapons from MH10 so I can start farming in MH10. I don’t care for the anoints right now. It doesn’t matter if it one shots everything, but I just want to be able to farm MH10. So if it take a while because they don’t have the right anoints, that’s fine.

Sadly I have nothing in return :frowning:

My PSN name is: Oldenkampie

I can help you with that. Who do you play as?

Ill send you YC 300/90 and a decent QPR

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Would be great! I accepted your invite

@rmoldenkamp93 enjoy your new stuff.

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Thank you mate! For others, I’m helped out already, better help some other new players :slight_smile: