LF mh10 Yellowcake

currently all I have are
200asa companion
250 phasecast shock rowans call
24.8k corrosive stop gap
deathless artifact w/ 21% skill cooldown + 30% shield recharge rate
consec hits x7 face-puncher

edit: all are MH10 Lvl 60

OPQ is capped at lvl 57.

Ah thank you, I forgot the level was just recently raised to 60

Still want one I have a under 50 health 150 radiation 9k opq system

I do, what would you like for it?

Do you happen to have any of the mayhem 6+ weapons? If not you can have it :grin:

I have 2 Kaosons but the annoints aren’t great on them

No problem buddy you can just have it :grin:

Thank you so very much!

No problem buddy happy to help, jumping on now

Sent dude :blush::+1: