LF mine sweeper or blood letter moze mod

Just like the title says I am looking for any one of those class mod or mine sweeper and blood Letter it needs to have SMG damage or base weapon damage but I am willing to accept a blood Letter with just shotgun damage I have a ton of the new guns to trade for it with anointed effects like lifesteal or bonus damage

Lemme check my bank I have a few moze mods put away, whatcha got in the way of kybs wrath, good juju and/or vosks deathgrip?

Just looked I have a bloodletter with splash/grenade dmg and Dahl reload and a mind sweeper with shield capacity atlas fire rate and tediore reload speed.
Lemme know if you’re interested in anything

Pass on those sry

Np I’m looking through some more stuff I’ll let you know if I find anything you want

I have a bloodletter in here

Msg me on psn if interested: iron_jango

I don’t understand what you just linked but does the class mod have SMG damage or shotgun damage on it

It has weapon reload speed, accuracy, and magazine size

Happen to have a loaded dice with hp regen?

I have a Bloodletter with AR and SMG damage. I have a ton of Mind Sweeper mods but I can’t remember the stats off the top of my head…away right now. Do you have a Cutpurse Loaded Dice with HP regen?

No I dont have those sadly I just got a bunch of other busted roll class mods and the new weapons

Do you have the the Tediore Execute pistol, Vosk’s Deathgrip, or The MP5?

I have a Mind Sweeper w/ 3 in FitSD, 1 in Cross Promotion, and 1 in Redistribution. It has 25% weapon damage, 24% mag size, and 45% Jakob’s crit.

I have a Bloodletter w 31% SMG and AR dmg.

I have the mp5. My psn is deluxemenu its annointed the consecutive hits variant

Aight I’ll send you a FR then mail it to you. Which mod were you wanting? I’m off right now but I’ll get to it within the half hour. I’ll message you when I do! Then you can send the EMP5

Just sent you both the Bloodletter and Mindsweeper.

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