Lf mirv Everblast

As title says I’m looking for purple tediore everblast shotguns, preferably the homing mirv variants. Any element. Have various things to trade, including vindicator ghast call, 150% lvl 65 CMT, a few A.S.S shields, few reflux best being x14 consecutive hits, various 50/150 weapons, new class mods except for zanes, and a ton of other items. Just tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I’ve got it.

I have a few and only this one with double mirv module. The anointment is kinda meh. (Edit: also have a kinetic double mirv).

My PSN: Mads_J

You’re welcome to send me a FR. perhaps we can workout a trade :blush:

Gladly brother. At work at the moment so I’ll do so when I get home

i have a few. not sure of the pellet count. can check after work and let ya know specifics.
checked my bank. i have:
fire X12. 13 mag. 200 ASA
corrosive X16. 13 mag. terrified ammo regen
radiation X18. 13 mag. 5% bonus on kill
radiation X16. 15 mag. ASE next 2 mags rad.