LF mirv hex grenade, ice breaker deathless artifact(the one with 30% grenade damage), and batty blast master mod

Trying make the perfect Moze Build. If you have any of these, I will boost you to 50 no problem.

I have extra of all of those except my artifact is just a loot expanding deathless. And I already have all characters maxed. So what you got to trade tho?

I have some anointed gear and weapons like the butcher. I also have a Lyuda, king/queens call, lucians call etc.

Are your lyudas anointed. Currently I am missing an anointed fire Lisa.

Unfortunately no, I have not been that lucky

I have a shock MIRV Hex

Is your lucians call incendiary???

Do you still have hex grenades?

Yes why

I have recurring hex, cryo and shock. Cryo is annointed with regen 1 nade at skill start.

Hi I have a ice breaker deathless with the grenade damage roll. My gamertag is TheAsparaguy and I’ll trade for whatever you got we can talk more about it