LF MIRV Tediore Shotgun

Looking for Shock everblast (homing and mirv) with the newly buffed annointment w/ 160%. I have a lot of good stuff, so let me know what you are looking for and i might have it. Psn: hernan13

I have it. Looking for blast master or Mindsweeper with gun, weapon and splash damage. Also looking for any artifact with smg or assault, AOE, grenade or 40% mags perk.

Unfortunately, i just gave away yesterday the exact blast master you are asking for. The only thing remotely close that i have that you are asking for are two relics, one with 40% mag, 33% AOE, and -30% shield delay, and the other is 30% grenade 16% incendiary and 33% AOE, i hardly doubt you would want those, but its honestly the only things i have that you are asking for. If you come across needing anything else please lmk that shotgun hard to get lmao

Do you have an old save file? Sometimes the online save is older than the hard drive save. You would have the gear that is in the save file.

Trust me bro, that was the first thing i checked. Been huntin that shotgun down forever now. Afraid i cant give you anything you are asking for, if anything else u might need comes up just let me know.

I’m all about helping others. Any rare shields?

I have a decent collection, anything specific you are looking for? I cant think of any off the top of my head, but i do have good transformers, ASC, terror annoint, 50% shock ASE, etc.