Lf mirvtacular cryo hex. Willing to trade shock and rad recurring for jt

Title pretty much sums it up

Do you prefer mirv-tacular over recurring? I have rec cryo, im curious. :smiley:

Nope, is rather recurring but I was under the impression that cryo only came mirvtac for some odd reason lol

I have one of those. Looking for a corrosive super shredifier to trade if you happen to have of those? Or a corrosive Lyuda

Lemme check on the lyuda sec

I’ve got a corrosive Lucians, corrosive lyuda and corrosive laser sploder

If you want to send me the corrosive Lyuda I willl send you the Hex in a little while if that works for you? My GT: SlimeGod YT

Sounds goodly

I’m The Crunch Box