Lf monarch under 50 + rad dmg

Looking for monarch with the under 50 health gain rad dmg annoint for my deathless flak. Would like mh10 if possible. I have mh10 guns+launchers to trade.
Have a 300/90 shock pleaugebearer
Consec hits kaosuns
Consec hits kybs
Yellowcakes with many diffrent annoits just ask.
Let me know if intrested or if your looking for somthing else i may have it! Dosent hurt to ask! Thanks .p.s also looking for a m10 reflux with the same annoint under 50% health gain rad dmg


I don’t have one with that anoint but what will it take for the Shock plague.

Im really looking for any strong weapons with that annoint or gammaburst annoint with rad dmg. Rad oldgod, a good role red fang classmod. What ya got that would be good for a deathless

I got a radiation plaguebearer with the same anoint. I’m sure I have some 150/50 guns not sure which ones off the top of my head.

I would swap launchers the shock for the rad would work well with my build i bet. Does that sound good for you?

Yes that’s good with me.

What’s your gamer tag mine is RayMaker34

Nice my gt is Trip-A-Random ill send it over here shortly