LF Monarchs | Have Rocket Jumping RR, Cartel weapons, Plaguebearers, Backburners [updated post patch]

I have a surplus of cartel weapons. I have put damage, mag if relevant, element if relevant, and anointment. These are post-patch numbers. I also have a few of plaguebearers and legitimate Backburners I farmed from Pain & Terror.

Please send a FR to Muletastic and DM me on here too.

I am looking for:

X8 dictators Consec hits and ASA200 all elements (have conc hits corrosive)

I have for trade:

Lvl 8 Ruby’s Wrath for rocket jumping 101 x 7

Redundant Reflux 1731x14 6mag, 150%rad

3509, 14mag, 300/90
3190, 14mag, ASA200

Needle Gun
322x2, 33mag, Corrosive ASA200
403, 33mag, Fire 300/90

3146x3 138mag, 150%rad
1845x5 83mag, ASA200
3537x4 83mag, 300/90
2191x4 104mag, 300/90

OPQ System
8793x2 22mag, ASE 15%Lifesteal
9694x2 22mag, ASE Healing pool
7194x2 34mag, ASE 50% shock 2mag
8393x2 28mag, ASA nova 19308D
7267x2 28mag, 150%rad
8793x2 22mag, 300/90
7993x2 22mag, ASA 75%D Badass/Named
7931x2 34mag, ASA200
7993x2 22mag, ASA200

3087 8mag, ASA 75%D Badass/Named
3250 6mag, 900/90

28165 24mag. ASE 100% Fire 2mag
28165 23mag, ASE Healing pool
25605 26mag, 150%rad
28229 23mag, 300/90
25605 24mag, ASA200
26824 24mag, ASA Cyber spike
25605 26mag, 50%D enemy <25%H
24385 24mag SNTNL Cryo 100%
28165x2 22mag, ASA 75%D Badass/Named
26824x2 22mag, 150%rad
26885x2 23mag, ASA200
25605x2 22mag ASE Healing pool
24385x2 22mag, ASA reduce damage
28165 23mag ASE 130%rad Siren
28165x2 22mag, 300/90
26885x2 23mag, Elemental crit hits 500

44817 Fire 10mag, 300/90
40908 Cryo 6mag, Airborn Fire Rate 20% … Yuk!
34724 Rad 6mag ASE 50% Shock 2mag
42016 Rad 8mag, Phasecast 250%D
34377 Rad 6mag, ASE 50% Cryo 2mag
36668 Corrosive 6mag, 150%rad
47058 Corrosive 8mag ASA200
40743 Shock 10mag, ASA200

31476 Corrosive 6mag, Autobear 75% Fire
29509 Rad 6mag, Elemental crit500
33050 Fire 6mag, Phaseslam300
35116 Cryo 6mag, ASA200
31476 Fire 6mag, 300/90
31476 Shock 6mag Elemental crit500

Fish Slap grenades
9261 Shock Jumping Generator, ASE 50%shock 10 sec
13732 Corrosive Roider Singularity. OGT 25%
14288 Fire Double generator, ASE 50% Fire 10sec
13732 Cryo Jumping Roider, ASA 150
12131 Rad Jumping Link, ASA 150
19011 Kink Elemental, ASE 50% Cryo 10sec
13395 Cryo Link Singularity. ASA 150
10008 Cryo Jump Singularity, ASA 150
14103 Fire Double Generator ASA 150
11708 Generator Singularity ASA 150

Is that yellowcake with sntl cryo x1, if so I would like to trade for it. also for your fire backburner 300/90 and the and cryo Plaquebearer asa200.
I’ve got a corrosive fishsslap ase corrosive and many others, take a look

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Yes it is :slight_smile:

I would be interested in the Rad x8 monarch cryo sntnl, the rad x2 kaoson cryo sntnl, rad fish slap ase 50%rad and the shock fish slap ase 50%cryo.

If you only need the fishslap I’ll take the yellowcake for it.
Don’t you need more? :sweat_smile:
I’ll send ya FR

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I’m searching for that grenade, maybe takes a few minutes

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No sweat. Sent you the YC PB and BB along with some OPQs and a couple of pewpews :slight_smile:

Friend has just sent me an asa rad fishslap.

Found and last the kaosons
And thx a lot !

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Naa, it’s all good. Thanks for the Monarchs, the FS and the redistributors :slight_smile:
Anything else you want from my list, I have more than one of each…

That corrosive backburne r 150/50 looks interesting :grin:

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Sent :slight_smile:

And thanks for the xtras :slight_smile:

Yeah thx great to trade with you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anything not on the list you are looking for? This list is just what is on my mule. I can take a look at my mains if there is anything specific you seek.

If you need some gears let me know.

Hi, are you still interested in fishslap ase and ogt?
I have cryo ogt 25%; corrosive ase cryo; shock ase corrosive; cryo ase corrisive;

I am interested in your Yellowcake (42152x2 150%rad and 44259x2 300/90) and 31475 Fire Plaguebearer 300/90

If interested add me on PSN GB_8893

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Bump because the cartel event is over…

And I am still after some monarchs :wink:

Which X8 Monarchs 50/150 and 200ASA are you still looking for?

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Still looking for shock and fire 150%rad and shock and fire consec hits (all x8). Have all the cartel gear in the list (obv damage numbers on the YC are pre-nerf)…

OK send me a friend request psn halinglis and i will send you a X8 shock or rad monarch 50/150 for your iceburger 300/90. Just let me know which one you want.

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sorry meant shock or fire