Lf Monarchs, plaguebearers, and backburners

  • I need a corrosive and shock monarch with consecutive hits or sntl cryo
  • Also need a corrosive backburner or plaguebearer with sntl cryo

If you have any if these items to trade or dupe let me know and I’ll see if I have anything to give.

I have some good sandhawks and zane gear :wink:

Other than a plaguebearer with sntl cryo I have the other stuff.

Really? Can you specify which items? Also what are you looking for?

I have Backburners with sntl cryo and the monarchs with Consecutive Hits. Looking for sntl cryo or Consecutive hits stuff too. Opq, sandhawkd, sntl cryo monarchs.

I have consecutive kaoson, fire monarch sntl cryo, and sntl cryo redistributer. What elements are the backburners and monarchs?

I have all the elements in Backburners. I know I have corrosive and Incendiary sntl cryo for sure pretty sure I have more though. I have corrosive, shock, Incendiary, and cryo Consecutive Hits monarchs.

Are you on rn? What your gt?

My gamertag is SpaghetiSaturdy. I’ll be on in a little bit.

Kk I’ll message you on there. Let me know when you’re on

Will do

I’m on

Do you have a backburner with splash damage? My buddy got a bunch of sntnl cryo stuff and can trade you for backburner with splash and shock consecutive hit monarch

I have a corrosive ase 200% splash damage and a corrosive iron bear exit 160% splash damage.

Ok that works. Backburner for what with sntnl cryo

Yo sorry about that, for some reason I’m not getting any notifications so could you please message me on xbox. I already messaged you on there my gt is llTH3ONLYll

Yea, I’ll send you a message when I get on.