LF Monarchs, SMGs, and more!

Plasma Coil w/ Consecutive Hits, any element
Monarch w/ URAD, or Consecutive hits, any element
Sandhawk w/ URAD or ASE 100, any element
Complex Root w/ ASE splash damage, 300/90 or URAD, any element
Backburner w/ 300/90 or ASE splash damage 200%, any element

I have many legendaries for trade: Stop-Gap with ASS shield break/fill
Nova Berner w/ ASS Shield break/fill
Lots of ASE 100 weapons as well

GT is IXI Shyn3 IXI

@Zer0Dark30 Hey bud I have all element x4 ch monarchs and a fire x4 urad monarch. I also have fire/shock/corrosive 200 splash ase back burners. I’m on the hunt for n2m/consecutive/urad boom sickles/clairvoyance/skullmasher. Consecutive hits/urad prompt critical. Ice breaker deathless or victory rush . Elemental projector deathless or victory rush. Lvl 65 Bekah.

I do have an Elemental Projector Deathless! Ill take a Fire ch Monarch. What’s your GT so i can send it when i get off work?

Ye olde wolf

Sent a few things your way

Thank you! I sent over one with some useful perks.

Thank ya bud

I have a urad complex root i would like to trade :slight_smile: