Lf moonfire - Cryo or anointed with Cryo for two clips

Hey y’all I’m looking for a Cryo moonfire or anointed with Cryo on the next two clips (or even while sentinel is out you deal 50% Cryo) have tons of Fl4k Amara and terror anointed gear for trade.

I’ll take a look tomorrow. I have 6 anointed moonfire Pistols. The cryo moonfire I have is for phasecat 250%.

Looking for Rakk Attack or STNTL cryo stuff.

Do you still have the Rakk Pak mod with Jakob’s/ Crit damage?

I do have that.

I am interested … sent you a friend request a day or so ago

PSN: Adam jaz

Added you, holidays have busy sorry.

No worries at all. Just send message on PSN

I have rakk atk on a few guns and the sentinel :slight_smile: add Haikufox and I’ll send ya what I got :slight_smile:

Sounds good. I have someone possibly sending me a moonfire with bonus cryo later today sometime as well. I’ll look for your friend request.

Add Haikufox on psn :slight_smile:

I have a cryo moonfire with anoint ase 2 mags do incendinary. Looking for shield with ase cryo damage, icebreaker vic rush god role, and whatever else that makes a ceyo Zane I have been trying to main him for months but no real luck when it comes to items. I just got the hawkin and maggie for it along wit a annoint lucian.

Add Haikufox on psn I have the shield and ice breaker :slight_smile:

I’ll give ya everything I have for my Zane. Cryo anointed gear etc

Do u still have some moonfire left i would like to trade u anything i have.

I have it. Do you have anything mayhem 4 annointed for Amara 250% or 300%?

I have the deathgrip but not for amara

What character class/classes do you run, so I have an idea of what you might have?

I main moze

What do you have in 125% Splash Damage after exiting Iron Bear or 125% Splash ASE?

Got any Dictators X6 Anointed for consecutive hits?

Got any Last Ditch Bloodletters with good rolls?