LF Moonfire no element would be favorable

Have 4 characters/ maybe something you want

ESGN: Ctag141

Have a Shock Moonfire no anoint…will trade for a level 50 Corrosive or Shock Tediore Everblast ++ 5 MIRV shotgun

I have 2 non elemental moonfire’s no anoints if you are still looking :slight_smile:

Don’t have sorry

I am still looking, what are you looking for in return?

Any good moze or maybe even flak gear. Really want a purple torgue launcher with the 5s unlimited ammo anoint if you have one

I have a couple bloodletters:
+3 phalanx
+1 desperate measures
+1 thin red line
Splash damage radius +29%,max health +1487,+10 tediore damage

2+ desperate
2+thin red
1+ phalanx

31% smg dmg, 15% dhal fr, 5+ Grenade cap

I have one, but its anointed.