LF Moxxi Endowment & White Elephant Artifacts

Looking for a level 60 Moxxi Endowment that have the stats; +16.00 Luck, 9% experience gained from combat, and the 3rd stat isn’t all that important.

I’m also looking for a White Elephant that has either the Cutpurse ability or the Knife Drain ability along with the stats; shotgun damage, magazine size, and reload speed.

I’ve been framing the Tink Train and Agonizer 9000 since the Bonus Boss Loot event began last week Thursday for about 4-12 hours a day sadly with little to show for my time. I do have quite a bit of Backburners and Face-Punchers for trade. Thanks in advance

Gamertag: Nightmare NM

Do you still need these? I have the Moxxi one and may have the other.

GT DLKnives

Yes I would like them very much please. The Moxxi artifact will definitely come in handy once they raise the level cap on September 10th. I have been farming GraveWard and Agonizer 9000 even after the events have ended and still no luck in obtaining these items.

I’ll see what I have and send them to you in game. If you have a sweet Face Puncher with anointment for FL4K, Amara or Moze I’d like that.

Now I cannot find a Moxxi relic with both luck and XP gain, only XP gain. Argh. But I do have a Knife Drain White Elephant. I farm a lot and will try and find the other.

OK I sent the Knife Drain relic.

Thanks, at the moment I am not sure when I’ll be online due to work. I’ll be sure to send some Face Punchers when I get the chance.

No problem, about the only Face Puncher I could use now is a Redundant with 300/90 anointment. If you don’t have one don’t worry about it. I did find a relic with luck and xp gain, it’s not a Moxxi one but I will send it. Still farming, and my SIL is looking too. :slight_smile: