LF Moze 160 splash damage weapons

Really looking for a scoville and kybs, but I’ll consider anything with that anoint. Let me know what you’re looking for. I have a ton of Zane, Amara, and fl4k gear.

I have scoville and multiple kyb’s worth, do you have for Fl4k in gamma burst
devils four sum radiation
protuberance radiation
scourge radiation
ion laser radiation?

I just saw your post and looked. I don’t have any of those four. Sorry about that. I don’t know if you’re looking for any other weapons with that anoint, but I’ve got lyudas, shredifier, recursion, Bekah, a Q system.

I have all of those but thanks anyway

Do you have grenade it’s piss with 25% dmg on throw?

@olivier_shady I definitely do. What are you looking to trade?

I can trade you a Kybs 160 psn RHAAAALoovely

I got what your looking for if you got a shock kings call cryo sntnl and corrosive and rad queen same anointment or a Houdini band of sitorak sheild with sntnl movement speed or multivitamin band of sitorak with gunner cooldown