LF moze and Zane God roll lvl 53 items

I’m looking for the following items
Shock redistributor 49 magazine SNTL cryo anointment
Seein dead with heavy weapon damage, weapon damage and reload speed (generic or torgue specific)
Scourge shock and corrosive with SNTL anointment
Blast master with 1 point in redistribution, smg and/or weapon damage, splash damage, magazine size, grenade capacity, health regen.
Raging bear with action skill cool down rate
Otto idols (Flesh melter, last stand, snowdrift or elemental projector) with movement speed and smg damage (necessary), action skill cool down, shield capacity, health regen, health capacity.

I have loads of moze and Zane God roll lvl 53 items already to trade with so please let me know what your looking for if you have any of the above mentioned items. Thanks in advance and good luck farming!

I have lots of the stuff you looking for. Do you have an Otto idol with assault rifle damage

No sadly Otto idols are what I’m looking for anything else your after? I have all the redistributors and cutsmans with SNTL cryo anointment lvl 53 and a cpl of kyb’s worth with moze splash and incendiary anointments

Looking for a fire redistributor with 100% dmg ase

I only have one at lvl 50 other than the SNTL cryo anointed ones at lvl 53 but I do have a cryo one with 75% bonus radiation damage on ase with a 49 clip lvl 53

Do you need either of these, I’ll just give them too you for free

Thanks for the offer but im only after lvl 53 gear now i have all the god roll lvl 50 already

Oh ok np

How’s this for trade bait


Edit: no longer seeking the juliet’s dazzle

List updated

It’s bizkit noizaram lol