LF Moze Blast Master com and last stand Otto idle and victory rush

LF Moze Blast Master COM w/ weapon damage and heavy weapon damage along with +1 in redistributed skill.

LF Last stand Otto idle w/ pistol damage and mag size

LF Last stand Victory Rush w/ heavy weapon damage and mag size

Have 100% Rakk Annexed ION CANNON, nighthawkin, Maggie, lyuda, Gatling gun, corrosive cutsman and fire rowans call.

100% ase craders emp5, (redundant) brainstormer, fire, shock, corrosive cutsmans, x2 shock/corrosive recursion.

65% gamma burst(non redundant) brainstormer, Maggie, and, fire and shock cutsman.

50% shock, cryo, and rad transformer.

50% cryo and corrosive storm front.

Rakk Pakk com with 25% weapon damage - 45% Jakobs critical - 10% Jakobs weapon damage.

Also, mirv/homing Fire, shock, and corrosive everblasts.

50% while sntnl is out Maggie, nighthawkin, and cryo recursion.