LF moze blood letter & transformer shield

I’ve been farming for a while now without any luck on the blood letter. My bags and bank is almost maxed with numerous gold item except the blood letter from farming. I’ve got several gold rocketeer & trooper mods for moze but i dont what to do with that. Need blood letter please! The only thing i need is blood letter and transformer shield for Moze.

Any Help is greatly appreciated Thanks. MY PSN online id is - eupheme

Will trade or mail other legendaries for these items. Thanks again

I have both of those what have you got to offer?

I’ve got a lot of other weapon legendaries, my maxed bank and bags are gold items . But for moze specifically, i have the storm front and deathless already. IS there a specific item you need? i can check my inventory. Thanks

I’m after either an anointed vicious ogre with 30 to 40% accuracy or an anointed firestorm grenade

i got the annointed “engulfing ferocious ogre” assault rifle. is this what you need?
for the grenade, ive only got the singulartiy firestorm and large firestorm, but not the annointed version.

Can I see a picture of the ogre please? Sounds like the one I have already with only 15% accuracy

Engulfing ferocious ogre
Item 551 , damage 592, 16% accuracy, 58% handling, 3.2 reload, 7.88 fire rate, 77 mag size.

  • 62% weapon damage, + 15% weapon rate. 150 splash version. Anointed.

Sadly I have that one already

Add me on psn bizkit8369 I can just give you the transformer I get it all the time ironically