LF Moze Bloodletter / Blastmaster mods

Hey I’m looking for a good Moze mod :confused:

Can trade:

  • Diluvian Firestorm
  • Recouring Hex (cryo, shock)
  • MIRV Tacticular hex (shock, rad)
  • Butcher (A) (shock, normal) 100% damage ASE
  • Crossroads (rad, shock) (A) 300% damage after Phasecast
  • Transformer (A) movementspeed after ASE

and a few other anointed guns! Just ask and we’ll find something usefull

PSN= Sinsinatti

Ah man i’d love one of those Hexes. Sadly I don’t have anything worth trading :confused:

Which one? Send me a friend request, after the next bathroom break I’ll send you a few :hugs:

Ive got a Blessed Circulating Blast Master. Trade for Cryo Reccuring Hex? Do you have a Gunner annointed Jericho/Musket/Baby Maker/Flakker?

Really? That’d be awesome. If you want to send two i’d take the cryo Recurring and also the Radiation MIRV? Thanks so much!! I’ll send you a friend request now :slight_smile:

only musket but its bonus cryo damage the next 2 magazines

Thats okay. Ill trade for the Cryo hex and the Rad Crossroad? I can send you my Crossroad if you want a replacement its 250% not 300.

alright! Send me a request, I’ll send you both! =)

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Guys im confused. I got 3 friend requests now. Who is who? :smiley:

The Crossroad was the same one as mine :sweat_smile: Want me to send it back? Thanks for the hex!

If you dont need it, sell it or give it someone who needs it! thanks =)

Boaaaa a nach der tacular hex farme ich schon 2 Tage und dem passenden class mod. Hab einfach null luck :grin::grin::grin::grin: gz zu den mods.

Hast du nen gesalbten FLakker zufällig? Kann dir die Granate rüber schicken, kein Thema. Wird aber erst morgen werden, ich farm jetz noch ne Weile dann bin ich off!

Hey any chance I can nab that Crossroad, if you haven’t sold it already?

I would NEVER sell that haha. Do you have any annointed Gunner/annointed tediore pistols/messy breakup/cold heart/creeping death?

I would take that Butcher. I’ll check my inventory for Blast Masters. Should have something interesting for ya.
PSN : PIKE2564

ok sounds good! Are you in a hurry? im doing story right now! In an hour or so I’ll switch accounts and send you the butcher

No hurry. I’ve got some organizing to do as well.

I have a blood letter with 30% grenade damage, 25% weapon damage, and 31% shotgun damage

That is a nice one.