LF Moze Bloodletter class MOD - closed

Ps4: psyotik
Message me for trades I may have something your looking for

recurring hex
Storm front
Molten lyuda

Any interest?

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  1. Augmented Entrenched Bloodletter
    +3 Thin Red Line
    +2 Phalanx Doctrine
    +45% Jakobs Weap Crit Dmg
    +20% Incendary Dmg
    +10% Dahl Weap Dmg

2)Desperate Entrenched Bloodletter
+2 Desperate Measures
+1 Phalanx
+2 Thin Red Line
+29% Splash Radius
+20% Rad Resist
+31% Shorgun Dmg

I’ve got a couple others. But my old hands are cramping up. I really should get one of those portable phones with a camera one of these days.

Fortified looks great what ya looking for?

Desperate entrenched looms good what ya looking for?

Just looking for that

LF Recurring Hex.

Checking to see if I have one

I got ya on that add me psn: psyotik