LF Moze Bloodletter Class Mod

LF Moze Bloodletter class mod (+mag size would be great but not necessary).

For trade I have:

  • Crossroad SMGs (all types but shock)
  • Anointed Speedloadin’ Hellwalker
  • Anointed and regular Flakkers (anointed is next 2 mags gain +50 incendiary damage after action skill)
  • Arctic Night Hawkin’ (might have anointed, can’t remember and would have to check)
  • Amara Class mods: Phazezerker, Woven Nimbus, Vestigal Dragon
  • Zane Class Mod: Cold Warrior
  • FL4K Class Mod: DE4DEYE
  • Shock/Vicious Luyda
  • Various other legendaries and anointed items (most anointed items are for Amara phasecast/slam)

GT: Hawt Steppin