LF Moze Bounty of Blood Head Cosmetic

Hello, Irish Nanner here. Been farming for the Moze Bounty of Blood head cosmetic for quite a few days now with no luck. But I’ve gotten Amaras cosmetic twice now. At this point I’m willing to trade If anyone has a spare Moze Bounty of Blood head cosmetic.

I just got back after a year. Quite a lot of new cosmetics, and I am not familiar with the name.
I have obtained dozens of new cosmetics, could you help me with being more specific?

Yez zir! It is the Outlaw - Moze Head found in the Bounty of Blood DLC.

Took me a week of killing bosses and minibosses, a few hours every day, before I got Amara’s. Found 3 Zane’s heads, 1 Fl4k, zero for Moze.

It was a pain.

I believe it. I’ve done, I dunno, hundreds of Ruiner battles ranging from normal to Mayhem 10 in almost a week. Literally told my self last one and if it’s not it, then I’m done for the day. Well it finally dropped ironically enough a few hours after I posted. Couldn’t even believe it. Thought the game was teasing me. Now just need Fl4k and Zane but I’m not too crucial about those. Moze dropped for me on Mayhem 10. I wish I could say that’s what did the trick but I don’t think it matters. I imagine it’s 100% luck of the draw. But I did get a lot of other good stuff out of Mayhem 10. Hope you get that Moze man, it was in fact, absolute pain.

Damn. I have the other 3. Idk why I’d get those 3 more than Moze’s when Im on Moze. Lmao
I take it you didnt have it duped?

No it was not duped. 100% determination. And now I can move on to the Fuster Cluck. Which honestly, I will most likely have the same luck with the heads again lol.

I have some of those, I believe. Heads and Skin