LF Moze build stuff and build advice for Moze noob

EDIT: I will, soon, get my Moze going. I watched a video from Moxsy that said these are good cornerstones for her builds. (The gargoyle I have no idea about). I will trade for any of these if you have them. Or if you have advice on Moze.

  • Last Stand Otto Idol: Area of Effect

*Flipper - either con hits and/or 200 splash

*Garoyole: ??? Moxsy said nothing, so advise?

  • Blast Master:
    –100% splash
    –abilities (short something)
    –abilities (fire skag)
    –abities (green …umm…distribution? )

  • Mind Sweeper:
    –grenade damage
    –splash damage
    –ability torgue promotion?
    –fire skag den

<<<I don’t know Moze abilities. I JUST WATCHED a Moxsy video on moze weapons to farm. >>>

Follow this link to a post where I listed stuff I have to trade. I have more too!

I’m not sure, are you asking for the gear or asking what the gear does?

Asking for this specific gear and if you have advice on more or these items.

Well I have Last Stand Otto Idol, though I prefer the Pearl for extra damage. I also have Flipper with Consecutive Hits and Blast Master. All Blast Masters have 100% splash damage. It’s the CoMs effect. Probably want the Splash damage anoint for the Gargoyle.

I really like the Blast Master with Consecutive Hits annointed weapons. To me it has a lot better flow than trying to spam IB to proc annointments.

Blast master needs the point in Redistribution to work properly. I like a 2/1/2 version in general. Splash damage and weapon type are the best rolls.

I use a Pearl just because I have several good ones. A Victory Rush with AoE/Mag Size would probably offer higher damage as both the VR and AoE damage will boost Short Fuse damage.

Plaguebearer, Flipper, Gargoyle or Unkempt Harold and either a Boom Sickle or Ogre will be a top shelf loadout.

The grenade you’re looking for is the Cloning Maddening Tracker with On Grenade Thrown annoint. Damn shame they are so rare but I bet someone can hook ya up via trade.

I have those Cloning Maddening Trackers with Thrown anoints. They are very good. Wish it was a legendary so it can have a farm.

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Amazing! Thank you! I will try to work on this. Does it matter which VR?

Not really, just mainly the AoE and Mag Size.

I have an extra CMT with grenade throw anoint if you’re looking for one

Would you like me to send you Flipper, Blast Master, Last Stand Otto Idol?

I would die from the awesomeness. Please! What can I give you in return? She asks before heading over to her messages to see what we talked about before.

That would be amazing! What do you want in return?

Don’t worry about it, I’ve got nothing in mind at the moment especially as the level cap will be raised in a couple of weeks. I’d be happy to send the nade over! My PSN is jouhei. I’ll be on later today

ADD you i will aftee the storm is over at my house.

On my 2nd moze run mainly focused on green and blue trees I went with the orge late game and sapper class mod before adding the flipper and pearl to my build. Recently decided to run mayhem 10 maliwan takedown amd beat it without dying, I surprised myself, my gears far from prefect and probably not got skill efficiency but survivability is definitely what my original Moze lacked the most.

I just got a crap load of sappers.