LF: Moze cutsman fire w 160 splash

I’m looking for Moze after exiting Iron Bear, gain 160% Increased Splash Damage forc18 seconds. I need a fire one.

I’ve got quite a bit of gear for all characters so let me know what you need.

I have a shock one

What can I give you for it?

You have any good flesh melters or icebreaker artifacts with area of effect damage? Or a Phasezerker with +5 in Anima with splash damage?

I do not have either at level 53. I have a 50 Ice Breaker Victory Rush that has +33 aoe. I’m still using a 50 phasezerker that has +5 in anima but it does not have splash damage.

Okay, I have a 50 Ice breaker victory rush and 50 flesh melter victory rush with area of effect. I know artifacts are really sparce for some reason now. I’ll send the cutsman later on and if you find a good ice breaker or flesh melter let me know. I know my wife has a 50 Phasezerker with +5 anima just not sure of it’s stats

Thank you and I’ll send it if I get my hands on one

Cool. Thanks. I am at work right now, so I will send it on my lunch break as I work from home.

my phasezerker stats are +31 action skill cooldown, +32 weapon accuracy and +31 sniper rifle damage. I could never find one better that was +5 in anima

Okay. I think my wife has something close to that actually. Like I said I will send the cutsman later keep an eye out and let me know if you find anything good.