LF Moze Deathless Relic, Bloodletter Class mod, Good Lyuda/ Butcher

Add me: lowqualityfrog
I got tons of stuff to trade just lmk what you need. Thanks!

I think i have a deathless relic and an extra lyuda. Do you have an Otto Idol relic with slide stats on it?

No I dont think I do. I really need those 2, are you looking for something else? Or willing to just give it up. Cashapp?

i got 2 bloodletter class mods, do you have a breaker class mod with a point in find your center?

No i dont have that mod

I know I have a Deathless. I’m checking for the Lyuda now. Other stuff I’m hunting for:

Rough Rider with movement speed buff
Echo in shock, cryo, and/or corrosive
Ogre (any element if that’s even possible)
Star Helix (any element)
Cutsman in cryo, fire, and/or rad
Transformer with movement speed or capacity buff

Ok, so ot looks like I sent the Lyuda off already. Find the Small_Bear shop in this forum and request it there. That’s where I sent it.

i have a lot of lyuda’s. LF hazardous sellout

I just picked up an Otto. I’ll check. Your’s if you want it.

You found one with the slide boosting stats?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I have an extra Blood letter for ya.
Fortified Tenacious

I’ll check

■■■■… Sry… Slam. Thought it was slide. I will be on the lookout for ya tho.

Drats! Thanks for looking out. I feel like this specific relic is impossible, even though I’ve seen other legendaries with the slide. T_T

I’m sure I’ve seen one. Wish a person could hoard it all… Haha