LF Moze gear and other stuff

Hi guys, here’s what I have to trade:
Gerbasauruz 53 Items

I’m looking for weapons with 160 splash after iron bear and a good blast master mod. Also always open to any gamma burst or 100 ase weapons I don’t have, good flak mods and otto idols.

If you want to add me my psn is Gerbasauruz, thank you!

for your cutsman corrosive 100% rakk attack? oh the kyb’s is shock/fire

sure buddy give me a minute and ill send it to you

I have a blast master mod myself. Looking for the same anointed weapons for moze as you. If you get anything good, let me know. In the mean time I’ll send the blast master your way

Also send me a request. I am at work right now. My psn is Scrub_Nation

I am looking for a bloodletter with weapons damage increase and shield increase. Anyone have that?

psn: fh2150