LF>Moze gear with certain annointments

LF splash Damage Fire ion cannon with X2

A dammed fire rifle with ASE 100% mroe dmg or 125% more dmg to bosses or 50% next 2 mags any elemtn

A Maggie with any of the 3 annointments above

a fire flakker with splash dmg annointment( or normal flakker)

and finnaly a Transformer shield with after exiting iron bear 75% more shields

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I have the flakker do you have a loaded dice with mag size and launcher dmg or alternatively snowdrift with life regen mag size and launcher dmg?

I believe I have both of those but not with all the stats you mentioned all at once. Will send pics when I get back and you lemme know

nvm checked none with both stats sorry

Flakker with regular splash? I have 160% splash after exiting iron bear

yea i was looking for fire or normal

Yeah it’s no element

badassery. …was their something u were looking for

Last stand otto idol
Recursion ASE life steal
Bounty hunter or comsmic stalker good/god rolls
Redistributor anoit stnl
Recursion ASE 100% dam
Spiritual Driver Class mod (preferably +3 mindfulness)
Elemental projector victory rush or otto idol
Blood letter with no thin red line skill addition
Kyb’s worth with ASE 125% splash
Cloning maddening tracker

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Ouch…Rough day lol. Farming can be a bitch. All i got

I have the Maggie and fire flakker 125 and Moze 160 and a standard ion cannon x2 125 and Moze x1 160. Add me, same name. Lots more too.

I’ll take that snowdrift deathless in exchange for some top tier Moze gear.

my psn is Ice-T411, send me a friend request and you can have it

Yall are angels

Your an angel…ill show u the one i have

I’ll swing you the lucians call for the venator man eater bounty hunter

Lucian call?

Sorry meant Flakker. Getting threads mixed up haha