LF Moze Sapper build gear, lots M10 gear to offer in return

LF Sapper Mod w +damage, +assault rifle danage
Shredifiers, all flavors, with CH, 300/0, 200
Sitorak shields, all flavors

Looking for Kaoans and Sandhawks also

Also looking for Siren Zerker mods with two types damage and cooldown

I have to trade;
Yellowcake 300/90

OPQ 300/90
Soulrender siren +250 ase
Soulrender Rakk Attack +100
Carrier 300/90
Crosroad, Rad, 3x1399, 300/90
Kaosan, Fire, ADE +100
Redistributor, Rad, STNL
Hellshock, STNL and many other annoints

Sandhawks- Rad, ASA +75 damage
Shock , +200 ASA
Corrosive, STNL

StarkKrakatoa 300/90
Unseen Threat 300/90

Lobs; Rad 300/90
Cryo 300/90
Fire ASA +200
Shock ASE +50 rad

Unlimied Firesale Anarchy, 933x20 ASE +50 cryo

Grenades; It’s Pis
Recurring Hex, Rad Thrown, +25
Shock Thrown, +25
Mitosis Hunter Seeker, Shock, ADE +50 cryo

Lead Sprinkler, ASA +200 (automatic)

Fl4k Mod Cosmic stalker +28 dam
+35 shotgun
+35 smg
Red Fang, +28 weap dam
+35 assault dam
+11 Vladof Weap dam

Multivitamin Old God shields; shock, fire, cryo, rad; all with +50 elemental ASE

MY GT is conch8 on XBox1

Cheers, stay safe and be well.

I have a sapper with 28 weapon damage 51 jackobs crit and 56 mailwan accuracy. I also have a sitaorak with no annoitment weapon damage while shield depleted 25 max health and 10 max health. Any good?

When mine suck, you bet they look good, pick a couple of things you like and I will send them over.

MY GT is conch8

I’ll add u now. I’ll take the unseen threat 300/90 and the cryo lob 300/90 please buddy

Let me get them in the same place and I will send, cool this, thx

No rush buddy just about to send ur items over. :slight_smile:

Sent dude. Thrown in a Maggie aswell

Just sent yours, peace. Thanks for the lagianappe! If you need anything else just say.
Curious are you running the Moze Yellowcake bottomless mags build?

Thanks agian, buddy

Thanks dude. No keen on the yellowcake tbh but I am running bottomless mags moze