LF Moze stuff and things

I am looking for a few things to finish my Moze build

  • Fire and Cryo The Butcher (would like anointed for exiting Iron Bear but also any good anointment as well)

  • Good Deathless relic (assault rifle damage, shotgun damage, shield recharge rate, Mag size)

I have all kinds of stuff for all 4 characters (class mods, weapons, shields) so if your looking for something specific let me know and I will check to see if I have it. Thanks

I have a pretty good Bloodletter available to trade. Here is a pic if your interested.

Those are some very nice mods guys. I found the blastmaster I was looking for. Now only looking for a very specific Bloodletter

Deathless with shotgun damage, weapon accuracy and action skill cooldown.


But I have tons of Deathlesses, only copied that one in because I already posted it somewhere else, must first look at the ones i have and make pics, later.

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