LF Moze stuff (list) and artifacts, Have Fl4k gamma tankman, Fl4k rakk Zheitsev and a bunch of Moze stuff

I have these 2 Fl4k weapons not sure how useful they are as I don’t play Fl4k but I’m told they were awesome drops.

I’ve just learned this gun will allow you to debuff and proc ASE anointments at the same time which is pretty crazy?

I also have a bunch of moze stuff:

160 splash kyb’s (multiple different ones)

160 splash and 125 Fire mag 2x ogres

160 splash and 125 Fire mag scourges

160 splash 2x scoville

Multivitamin Band of Sitorak with 5% healing on ASE

Tactician Band of Sitorak (+35 health) with +75 health and shield anointment.

Big Boom Blaster +75 health and Shield anointment

Lots more god rolls for Moze incuding class mods, ask I’ll let you know if I have it.

LF some rare Moze stuff:

  • 2x Kyb’s (not 3x) with large mag, cryo/rad or corrosive/rad with Gunner 125 Fire mag anointment.

  • 2x Lump (prefer shock or rad) with gunner 30% cooldown rate on kill anointment.

  • Multivitamin prefix Band of Sitorak with gunner 30% cooldown rate on kill anointment.

  • Possibly other shields with gunner 30% cooldown on kill (stop gaps, rechargers)

Also looking for Snowdrift Otto Idol or Victory Rush with:

  • mag size, aoe damage, max health
  • mag size, aoe damage, grenade damage
  • mag size, aoe damage, shield recharge rate
  • mag size, max health, shield recharge rate

Bump. Found another rare Fl4k gun.

Are you interested?

Nah thanks anyway. I’ve left lots of those on the ground

No problem

any of these good for you?

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Clooose. I have very similar, and one that’s like one bonus stat I would prefer different. Thanks for checking though man

The one I have that’s perfect is a last stand Otto Idol but I hate not having my slide haha

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