LF Moze Tediore Chuck weapons/build

PSN SoSpry if Anyone is willing to share a shock Everblast+ And Cutpurse. I’ve done what farming I could but due to time constraints just cant do extensive farming.

i have a cutpurse otto idol, that’s the one you’re looking for ?

Any cutpurse I don’t even have one if your willing I would be super appreciative. Is there anything your looking for. I may have?

i’m looking for :

cryo lucian 50% fire ase
monocle 50% cryo ase
re router 50% cryo ase
hex cryo 50% fire ase

oh and an ice breaker otto idol

I have a recurring cryo hex but without annointment that’s the best i got. I didn’t know those grenades came with annoitments btw?

yes i have many of them with anointment, except a cryo one with 50% fire ase

do you have anointed shields like transformer or stop-gap ?

I have level 50 transformer (non anointed) and level 50 stop gap ase 50% shock damage for 10seconds

i would gladly trade you the outpurse with your stop gap

Okay just add my PSN SoSpry add I’ll trade it to you